Welcome to The Deck

An Energetic Difference You Can Feel

An escape right in the midst of the city

Inspired by the lush retreat centers in Tulum and Costa Rica, at Yoga Deck we invite you to set down the demands of your life and embrace the present moment close to home.

We’ve designed our space to promote restoration, connection, and transformation. When you visit our studio, you’ll discover a community wishing tree at the entrance, adorned in repurposed fabric, crystals, and wishes from our members. Every season, we host a collective ceremony where we surrender our intentions and then start the tree again.

Covered year-round and lavished with plants, our open air studio is a safe, contained space to practice in harmony with the natural world. We flow with the sun and breezes on summer days and, and on chilly evenings, heaters and curtains help us build heat. When it rains, the sound of raindrops serenades and soothes us. No matter the weather, the deck is a unique and comfortable studio environment, ideal for cultivating peace and serenity.

The Venue:

2000 Square Feet

Max Occupancy:

45 – 200 People

Rental Fee

Starting at $95/h


2 Blocks from Balboa Park

Our Foundation

Beneath the grounding sustainably sourced wood floors of our deck lies a beautiful and potent crystal grid.
The intentional arrangement of healing crystals purifies our energy when we enter the space then protects and invigorates us as we flow. It’s an energetic difference you can feel every time you set foot on the Deck. We invite you to visit us and experience it for yourself!

Holding space
for you to...

Are you planning a wellness retreat or putting together a team-building event? The Yoga Deck is a beautiful, natural escape right in the midst of your city, neighborhood, and everyday life. We invite you to come down and share your idea and let’s align your vision with our beautiful space. 

Main Deck

Connect & Come Together