Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers resonate with a philosophy of growth and well-being through movement and mindfulness and are here with a smile and kindness to you help support you on your journey….and they love they LOVE teaching outdoors!


Asana Acrobat

Asia has been teaching since 2013. She has taught her dynamic style in multiple countries and cities. She intertwines mythic yogic philosophy with unique bio mechanical movements rooted in physical therapy. Her classes are a light hearted and liberating flow that benefits the bodies natural alignment and our heart mind connection.


Space Holder

Hello! My name is Bianca, originally from Massachusetts, and a previous collegiate athlete. Outside of yoga I enjoy skating of any kind, spending time in the ocean, and taking my dog to the beach. Through my years of practicing yoga, I have not only been able to regain my flexibility but also bring healing to my previous injuries. My passion for teaching comes from my personal experience with both the emotional and physical healing that comes from the practice of Yin.
After my 30 hour Yin Training I decided to dive even deeper with the Elder Flower 20 hour Yin Immersion. Yin yoga in particular has helped me heal in ways I am so incredibly excited to be able to offer at The Yoga Deck! 


Ashtanga Artist

In my teaching style, I have been leaning into integrative and functional movement variations and improvisations on traditional yoga. I deeply believe that even the most challenging yoga asanas can be made accessible for anyone who wishes to pursue them and that it is important to maintain integrity in our approach not only anatomically but also to a very ancient and cultural system of wellness.
 My teaching background and personal practice is Ashtanga Vinyasa (a very traditional style of a power yoga) and I traveled to South India to pursue a 200 hr Teacher Certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga with Mahesh at his Abhijna School of Yoga and Meditation in Varkala, Kerala, India. 
From the end of 2011 thru 2013 I also studied Hatha Yoga in Nepal with my great teacher and friend Himalayan Yogini Devika Gurung learning about meditation, asana and deep pressure healing techniques. I recently returned to assist in teaching with Himalayan Yogini’s 200hr YTT teacher training program. Lately (2020) I have been focused on rounding out my teaching background with a serious dive into Yin Yoga alongside Colorado’s Caitlyn Rose Kinney.
I began practicing yoga back in 2004 in my local Bikram studio and continued in College to study Dance and Performance art, completing a dual degree in both subjects from San francisco State University.
I am originally from Monterey California and in 2014 I started teaching at the Monterey Yoga Shala both intro to Ashtanga and full primary series as well as traveling to local schools to teach children. I lived in Colorado for several years teaching mostly outdoor classes for all levels and I currently teach several Slow Flow, Vinyasa and Ashtanga vinyasa classes in and around the San Diego area. I am a passionate traveller and connoisseur and practitioner of theatre. 


Space Holder

Francesca was introduced to yoga when she was just 13. She has a clear memory of taking her first Vinyasa class and being extremely confused but mesmerized by the postures, knowing it was something she couldn’t wait to learn. About 5 years later, she completed her 200-hour YTT at Anahata Yoga Shala in Koh Phangan, Thailand.
Since then, Francesca has continued to study yoga philosophy and to incorporate the teachings in her personal life, using Yoga as one of her greatest tools in life. Francesca also practices Reiki and has a passion for the technologies of Kundalini Yoga. Currently, Francesca is in her last semester of university studying Chemistry, Biology & Nutrition and completing a 100-hour continuing education program diving deep into Yogic teaching.
Francesca’s goal in teaching yoga is to help guide an experience for others back to their hearts.


Medicine Womxn

Grace is an earth mama rooted in the indigenous wisdom passed down by her ancestors deep from the jungles of the Philippines. Her ancestral knowledge and mama earth connection was cultivated by the teachings of her grandmothers. Her medicine offerings and ceremonies have been shared in Washington, D.C. and across Southern California, both in studios and in outdoor retreat spaces. She has taught yoga since 2018 and has over 400 hours of training in asana, meditation, and pranayama.
Her practice is her guide back home to Self. It is her purest form of Self acceptance and freedom, teaching her not to run from pain, but rather to sit and embrace it, breathe through it, and find the inner contentment and bliss that always exists even amidst the hardest moments.
In her class, she blends yoga philosophy, intuitive movement, earth medicine, breath, and evolutionary astrology. She believes in the oneness of all beings and her deep visualizations and empowering asana is a portal to Self, taking you all the way down to the depths of the earth’s core and blasting off to the ends of cosmos. 


Body Worker

RYT 500hr Yoga instructor and Massage Therapist Certifications

I teach Vinyasa Yoga. 

Yoga is way of life for me. It  is about love and union and I believe that is what we are here for. 

I enjoy doing bodywork, spending time with  family/friends and going to the beach and traveling.


Yoga Teacher

Isaac (aka Iso) found yoga eight years ago as part of the popular P90X exercise video series. The practice tested him then and continues to test him now. He tottered and shook his way through his first class, and in savasana found a magical sense of ease and belonging. Since then Iso has continued to advance his practice, using yoga as a tool to cultivate discipline, body awareness, inner peace, and clarity in his life’s direction.

In August of 2019, Iso chose to share the gift of yoga and embarked on his journey as a teacher. As a teacher, Iso seeks to relieve tension on the nervous system through proper alignment, so that energy may flow freely through the body as nature intended. When that happens, the possibilities that the practitioner can create on and off the mat are limitless. Iso remains an avid student of yoga through his committed practice, and through his reading on subjects such as consciousness, body mechanics, breathwork, and biohacking.


Strength Balancer

My personal journey of self-discovery started in 1996 while living in a small beach town in Southern California, living a simple, healthy lifestyle next to the ocean. I discovered mantra meditation and began to study Vedic philosophy and Sanskrit. I became immersed in the practice, moved into a Vaishnava ashram, and dove into a lifestyle of Bhakti Yoga. As a monk, I studied in Mayapur, Vrindavan and Varanasi India where I cultivated a deep desire to serve others and transformed into my Self. I have been practicing a disciplined, Yogic lifestyle for over 25 years.

In 2016, I earned a 200-hour certification in Power Vinyasa. My main objective is to bring students to themselves. My teaching style focuses on creating physical strength and mental balance with an emphasis on the breath. Also, I have been practicing Qigong for over 7 years and I am a student of Sifu (Master) Ko Wong in San Francisco. I offer Qigong classes inspired by his example and style.

For the past 6 years, I have consistently been teaching virtual and public group Yoga & Qigong classes. I support Yoga teacher trainings, offer private sessions and retreats.

I look forward to sharing time and space with you soon!


Yoga Therapist

E-RYT 500hrs 

I teach all styles of yoga ranging from restorative/gentle yin yoga to power vinyasa.

I love to inspire students in the areas of love, positive thinking & health/wellness both on & off the mat, to help them live a happy & healthy balance life.

In my free time I am outdoors in nature regardless at the beach relaxing or in the desert/mountains hiking.

Korrie Jean

Yoga Director

Korrie Jean Hurt is a soon to be Healthy Lifestyle Coach and RYT-200 graduate from Trilogy Yoga Sanctuary currently pursuing her 300-hour and Yoga Therapy Certification at the Soul of Yoga. All about movement, Korrie is fascinated by the human body and loves to create sequences that help her students feel comfortable and in control of their own bodies. As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Korrie is passionate about helping her students understand the holistic human experience. She believes the human body is a gift that empowers her students to reconnect with themselves both on and off the mat.

Originally from a small town in Colorado, Korrie first began practicing yoga when she was twelve through the Nintendo Wii. She later discovered the more spiritual aspects of the practice when she joined her first yoga studio at 18. After leaving a pre-med program to move to California and reconfigure her life, Korrie’s passion for yoga only grew. She fully believes that prevention is the best medicine and uses yoga as a lens to facilitate wellness. Once out of teacher training, she dove right into teaching yoga full-time and never looked back.

In Korrie’s class, expect a powerful hour to listen to your body, challenge your breath, and learn something new about yourself. Korrie believes movement and asana transitions provide an opportunity to get silly and let loose, so she always encourages her students to laugh on the mat. When she is not teaching yoga, Korrie is a big fan of naps and can be found snuggling with her two cats, cooking, reading, and strolling around her neighborhood. Her ultimate goal is to one day blend her love for yoga with a career in Nutrition. She is honored to teach and share her passions at Yoga Deck.


Light Worker

Training: Yoga Certification 200 hr KRI Kundalini Yoga, 200 hr Naam Yoga, 200hr Shakti Naaan Yoga

What I teach:I teach Shakti Naam Yoga, Meditation and Universal Kaballah

Why I teach:Teaching is how I share my joy;sound movement and meditation is what makes me tick and healing is why I am here.

My other passions… Hiking, snorkeling, painting, and beaching it!


Space Holder

RYT 200

I teach Vinyasa Yoga class.

I teach Yoga because i enjoy seeing progress in students, seeing big smiles and witnessing students falling in love with Yoga like i once did.

I love all the outdoor activities , traveling far and near, music and absolutely love to dance 🙂



Sound Healer

Training: Yoga Alliance RYT 500 hrs
What I teach: Yin Yoga, Sound Healing, Meditation & Vinyasa Flow
Why I teach: I’m passionate about teaching all 8 Limbs of Yoga and Sound Healing as a set of life-enhancing tools to help people rise to their full potential.
My other passions: I love traveling, my pups, and matcha lattes


Trauma Healer

Our ability to be connected to the body is one of the greatest gifts we have.

Since discovering the medicine of Yoga in a college course, Ray has been continuing to study and utilize practices of asana, meditation and breath-work to cultivate oneness within the physical vessel, as well as the external world. By implementing Yin philosophies of complementary forces, asana practices that target deep tissue of the body, and mindful breath techniques Ray believes we can hold the nervous system in a way that can offer release of stored emotions and a clearing of energies. Ray is passionate that accessibility to the modalities which bring us Home to Ourselves is our birthright.

As a Reiki Master Ray often integrates tools of channeling one’s own healing abilities into teachings, while honoring the roots of these different medicines and the lineages from which they come. Class with Ray offers a trauma-informed, breath-to-movement awareness flow that invites students to pause, honor themselves and remember that they are their own greatest teacher.


The Tantrica

Shawn, the founder of Tantra Quest, has been offering classes, events, products, and Tantric wisdom-based personal counseling since 2000. He shares ancient teachings in a contemporary way, providing a pathway to a life well-lived. The focus is to help redefine Sexuality and increase empowerment and embodiment.  He is a holder of the Mahamudra Tantra Lineage, and also draws upon Rasa Tantra, Saraha Tantra, and modern teachings. His work can assist in accessing mysteries not commonly shared in today’s society. He is a teacher of teachers and continues to unlock mysteries to help to find more grace, ease, and elegance in life. Shawn holds a Bachelors’s (BS) in Sociology, is a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Certified Tantric Therapist (CTT), and a Certified Master Tantric Counselor (CMTC).


Holistic Healer

E-RYT 300:

I teach restorative, vinyasa/flow and chakra meditation

I am passionate about teaching yoga as I believe I can make the world a better place one person and one yoga class at a time.

My favorite thing to do is travel, make art, and deep dive into all things nutrition.


Anda Yogi

Tristan has practiced Vinyasa Yoga for over 10 years and has guided yogis through their practices for over six years. In fact, he lost over 60 lbs in his first 8 months of practicing! Initially completing his 200-hr teacher training in 2015, Tristan completed two 300-hr teacher trainings in 2021 during the pandemic.

Tristan believes the Asana practice sets up the energy and mindfulness that brings the same unions of breath to movement outside of the studio, after class. Through challenging but accessible sequencing, mindful and anatomic cueing, and vibrant energy and music, Tristan helps you not to become a better yogi, but to use yoga to become a better whatever it is you are off of your mat. 


Lead Teacher

RYT 500, 650 hrs teacher training

I love teach to teach a vinyasa flow.

I teach because I believe Yoga is everything.

Another favorite thing to do I love to cook for people.