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Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers resonate with a philosophy of growth and well-being through movement and mindfulness and are here with a smile and kindness to you help support you on your journey….and they love they LOVE teaching outdoors!



wild one

Anna is an energetic (even in Yin), Yogi who has been teaching yoga since 2013. Anna is a local High School Teacher, has a Master’s in Education, and holds two credentials in Physical Education and Spanish. She is passionate about education for both young students and adults, and hopes that while we all discover the abilities our bodies possess, that we can also improve our inner spirits and hearts. 
Teacher Brandon


Hockey yogi

Brandon is a hockey player turned yogi. What he thought was going to be a long hockey career was cut short after two major concussions in 2019. In an attempt to heal and rediscover his new passion in life, he found yoga + meditation. He relates yoga to the practice of building a happy home within one’s self and strives to create that experience for his students. Brandon’s fluid teaching style utilizes creative sequencing that brings you to challenging moments where you can transcend your physical and mental limitations.



Bianca is originally from Massachusetts, and a previous collegiate athlete.  Through her years of practicing yoga, she has not only been able to regain my flexibility but also bring healing to her previous injuries. Bianca passion for teaching comes from her personal experience with both the emotional and physical healing that comes from the practice of Yin.


Space Holder

Francesca was introduced to yoga when she was just 13. She has a clear memory of taking her first Vinyasa class and being extremely confused but mesmerized by the postures, knowing it was something she couldn’t wait to learn. About 5 years later, she completed her 200-hour teacher training.
Since then, Francesca has continued to study yoga philosophy and to incorporate the teachings in her personal life, using Yoga as one of her greatest tools in life. Francesca also practices Reiki and has a passion for the technologies of Kundalini Yoga. 


Medicine Womxn

Grace is a Reiki practitioner, earth mama rooted in the indigenous wisdom passed down by her ancestors deep from the jungles of the Philippines. Her ancestral knowledge and earth connection was cultivated by the teachings of her grandmothers. Her yoga training includes breathwork, meditation, yin, vinyasa, and kundalini technologies.
In her class, she blends yoga philosophy, intuitive movement, earth medicine, breath, and evolutionary astrology. 


calm yogi

Isaac (aka Iso) found yoga eight years ago as part of the popular P90X exercise video series. Since then he has continued to advance his practice, using yoga as a tool to cultivate discipline, body awareness, inner peace, and clarity in his life’s direction.

As a teacher, Isaac seeks to relieve tension on the nervous system through proper alignment, so that energy may flow freely through the body as nature intended. He remains an avid student of yoga through his committed practice, and through his reading on subjects such as consciousness, body mechanics, breath work, and biohacking.


Yogi Gymnast

Kyle is a CYT-500 & Personal Trainer. He is a student of many different types of movement modalities including hand-balancing and gymnastics strength training. This multi-faceted background allows his classes to be rooted in strength, mobility, and mindfulness. Kyle focuses on detailed cues and breathing techniques that help his students find a deeper connection to their bodies and practice. His belief is that students should come to class expecting a unique experience that is still rooted in the deep tradition of yoga.


Strength Balancer

Jamuna’s personal journey of self-discovery started in 1996 while living in a small beach town in Southern California, living a simple, healthy lifestyle next to the ocean. He discovered mantra meditation and began to study Vedic philosophy and Sanskrit. Jamuna became immersed in the practice, moved into a Vaishnava ashram, and dove into a lifestyle of Bhakti Yoga. As a monk, he studied in Mayapur, Vrindavan and Varanasi India.

Jamuna’s main objective is to bring students to themselves. His teaching style focuses on creating physical strength and mental balance with an emphasis on the breath. He has been practicing Qigong for over 7 years and he is a student of Sifu (Master) Ko Wong in San Francisco. 


Yoga Therapist

Jenn is an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500hrs). She teaches all styles of yoga ranging from restorative/gentle yin yoga to power vinyasa.

She loves to inspire students in the areas of love, positive thinking & health/wellness both on & off the mat, to help them live a happy & healthy balance life.

In her free time Jenn is outdoors in nature regardless at the beach relaxing or in the desert/mountains hiking.

Korrie Jean

Mobility Magician

Korrie is a RYT 500h and she is currently pursuing her Yoga Therapy Certification.

Originally from a small town in Colorado, Korrie first began practicing yoga when she was twelve through the Nintendo Wii. She later discovered the more spiritual aspects of the practice when she joined her first yoga studio at 18. She believes that prevention is the best medicine and uses yoga as a lens to facilitate wellness. 

In Korrie’s class, expect a powerful hour to listen to your body, challenge your breath, and learn something new about yourself. When she is not teaching yoga, Korrie is a big fan of naps and can be found snuggling with her two cats, cooking, reading, and strolling around her neighborhood. 


Light Worker

Maura has a unique teaching style, Shakti, which mixed breath and movement.  She draws from her trainings and knowledge in Naam Yoga, Meditation and Universal Kaballah

Maura teaches to share joy and healing.

Her other passions are hiking, snorkeling, painting, and the beach.


Alignment enthusiast

Milica teaches a powerful Vinyasa Yoga class. She teaches Yoga because she enjoys seeing progress in students, seeing big smiles and witnessing students falling in love with Yoga as she once did.

Milica loves all the outdoor activities , traveling far and near, music and absolutely loves to dance!



yoga doctor

Nam is an E-CYT500 teacher who has trained under Jason Crandell and been featured on Yoga International. As a student of yoga and functional movement modalities, his yoga classes are grounded in strength, anatomical detail and mindfulness. Nam focuses detailed verbal cues and expert hands on adjustments/assists to help his students find a fuller experience in their yoga practice; emphasizing specific learning objectives in each of his classes. Nam’s belief is that teaching yoga is just like teaching any other subject, in that the teacher has a responsibility to not just provide a unique experience, but to educate their students on the subject itself. 


fearless butterfly

Olivia is the Founder of A.R.T. Mvmnt, and has been deeply integrated into the wellness industry for the last two years while her personal practice spans over the last 7 years. Olivia is inspired by the beautiful art of living, the union of yoga and the interconnectedness of all beings on this Earth. She believes if we allow ourselves time to look within, to find our peace and our power, we can change the world. It is her mission to spread intentional living, art and empowerment through guiding humans out of auto-pilot and into their dream life. She most often does this through teaching yoga, kundalini, breathwork, sound healing, retreats, art and more.



Since discovering the medicine of Yoga in a college course, Ray has been continuing to study and utilize practices of asana, meditation and breath-work to cultivate oneness within the physical vessel, as well as the external world. 

As a Reiki Master Ray often integrates tools of channeling one’s own healing abilities into teachings, while honoring the roots of these different medicines and the lineages from which they come. 


Jamie is an Oregon native and 500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher who began practicing yoga in college and teaching in 2016. She teaches various styles of yoga including restorative, yin, slow flow and vinyasa for strength and mobility.

Yoga philosophy, lunar alchemy and nature are cornerstones of inspiration for her classes; guiding students to explore their internal landscape, attune to the rhythms of the season, and promote balance and harmony within.

Jamie enjoys outdoor adventures, sunrise runs at the beach, traveling, listening to classic rock music, writing poetry and cuddling her cat, Sasha Fierce!


Anda Yogi

Tristan has practiced Vinyasa Yoga for over 10 years and has guided yogis through their practices for over six years. Tristan believes the Asana practice sets up the energy and mindfulness that brings the same unions of breath to movement outside of the studio, after class. Through challenging but accessible sequencing, mindful and anatomic cueing, and vibrant energy and music, Tristan helps you not  only to become a better yogi, but also to use yoga to become a better whatever it is you are off of your mat. 


The Joker

Viktoria is an experienced yoga teacher (RYT 500H) and loves teach to teach a vinyasa flow. She teaches because she believes Yoga is everything. Viktoria’s class is high-hearted, full of humor and compassion. Another favorite thing she loves is to cook for people.


holistic healer

Sophie was introduced to yoga through sports when she was 15. As a former student-athlete at Point Loma Nazarene University where she studied Exercise & Sport Science and Nutrition, the physical practice of yoga transformed my body and aided in recovery, injury prevention, as well as stress management. Because of her experience, Sophie decided to dive further into this practice so that she could share the benefits of yoga with others.

Sophie completed a 300-hour Teacher Training as well as completed a chakra, meditation, and Yoga Nidra certification course. Throughout her journey, she discovered the powerful benefits of sound healing that she loves to incorporate into her teaching. Taking care of the physical body has a direct impact on the mental & emotional body and the practice of yoga is so much more than just the hour spent on your mat.

Sophie loves to assist students in their healing journey and see the immediate shift in energy that is cultivated through yoga.


MuSical Yogi

Born in Argentina, he’s been practicing Yoga since he was very young, thanks to the influence of his grandmother (his first yoga teacher). He trained as a monk in India and other countries for more than 4 years, certifying himself in different styles of yoga, meditation, philosophy and leadership. Now, based in San Diego, CA. Teaching in the most renowned gyms and studios in San Diego and traveling to many cities and countries, giving classes and seminars at universities, TV shows, radio and schools.


yoga deck

Casey Beare, 1000hr Yoga Therapist ,trained in Maui, HI and San Diego, CA believes that body literacy and mindfulness practice is key to true health and transformation of the mind, body & spirit. Her classrooms are trauma informed, invitational and educational. Each class will initiate with a dharma talk or anatomical focus set up before moving through pranayama and intelligent sequencing. “I create safety and education through information as I guide you through experiences that are rooted in compassion and inquiry while challenging you to expand your edges.” Nervous system nerd and firm believer that playlists are a love language; Casey is excited to connect with Yoga Deck’s expanding community.