Pursuing growth

 and healing, together.

Cultivate a yoga practice that nurtures your highest self
and discover a community that supports you on the journey.

Embrace serenity right where you are

Located in the heart of Bankers Hill, San Diego, Yoga Deck offers a safe space for you to explore holistic healing practices including yoga, pilates, meditation, breathwork, and more.

To us, yoga is more than a workout. It’s a sacred practice that leads us home to ourselves and each other. At Yoga Deck, we’re bringing yoga back to its roots. All of our classes are designed to help you integrate what you experience on your mat into your everyday life, introduce you to the history and meaning behind the postures, and connect meaningfully with the people around you.

Community first

At Yoga Deck, we are building a culture that embraces connection and belonging. When we practice in a space with others, we share each other’s energy. Our teachers take pride in facilitating environments where, when you show up for a class, we see and honor each other. While we may be alone on our mats, we are not alone. We’re a community dedicated to supporting each other on our individual journeys.

Our doors are open to all. It’s our mission to foster a community that reflects the beauty and diversity of our city in both our teaching staff and members. And we don’t stop there— we believe it’s our responsibility to help make yoga accessible for everyone, including the underserved here in the San Diego area. We host monthly community events that are open to anyone in the city and partner with local business and nonprofits to support causes we believe in. Check out our upcoming events and see how you can get involved in bringing yoga back to the people.

An Urban Sanctuary

Inspired by the lush retreat centers in Tulum and Costa Rica, at Yoga Deck we invite you to set down the demands of your life and embrace the present moment close to home.

Our Foundation

Beneath the grounding sustainably sourced wood floors of our deck lies a beautiful and potent crystal grid.
The intentional arrangement of healing crystals purifies our energy when we enter the space then protects and invigorates us as we flow. It’s an energetic difference you can feel every time you set foot on the Deck. We invite you to visit us and experience it for yourself!